Sweeney Todd

Ron once agains sharpens his razors for one of his favorite roles, SWEENEY TODD, for Baltimore Concert Opera in February 2018.

Previous performances of his Demon Barber have earned the accolade of Tulsa’s “Best Night of Theatre” in 2007 and 2014 from The Tulsa World, which wrote

Then there’s the cast. Oh my. Let’s start with Loyd, who is almost unrecognizable until he begins to sing. And sing he does, in a performance that is electrifying in its intensity. His “Epiphany,” when Todd begins his crusade to rid the world of people, was stunning in its ferocity, while in the quartet “Johanna” the weariness and pain of the character was inescapable. His Sweeney Todd is a monster, true, but a very human, almost understandable, one – a monster who conjures up feelings of horror and pity in equal measure.

Check out my video section for selections from the 2007 production with LOOK Musical Theatre

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Baltimore Concert Opera

February 23, 2018 8:00pm
February 25, 2018 2:00pm

The Engineers Club Grand Ballroom